Pivot Pins for JCB Machines (Alternative)

After several years of experience in manufacturing pivot pins and bushings for various applications of construction equipment, we have secured the manufacturing process for good quality pivot pins & bushings where a heavy load is applied and abrasion resistance and impact resistance are required. The Bushings and Pivot Pins are used in the joints of equipment where oscillation and rotation movements are applied repeatedly.

We manufacture Pivot Pins of standard dimensions with diameter ranging between OD- 20.00mm to OD- 100.00mm and length ranging between 100.00mm to 600.00mm

Benefits of using our Pivot Pins:

We maintain the depth of surface hardness up to 3.50mm

Our Pivot Pins provide longer working life resulting lower maintenance cost for machines.

Our pivot pin comes with Phosphate Treatment on the surface resulting lower chances of catching rust.

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